Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Weird Food Day

It's hard to make do with a vending machine mocha and a tiny, dried-out, two-year-old Quaker Oats Blueberry and Cheesecake bar for breakfast after the anticipation of hitting a local coffee shop for their in-house roasted, ground, and brewed espresso with a scone warm from the oven. Ah well. The sacrifice was for the sake of a meeting I had to run instead of just participate in, and I did it well enough that I am not ashamed. This is a good thing.

For lunch, I committed a grievous clash of cultures and ate microwaved, frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers (with 20% more fat for the cheese!) with huge, crunchy clumps of organic home-raised alfalfa sprouts. Yeah, yeah. I liked the green with the grease!

I've been growing my own sprouts for the last month and I'll have to say that I love being able to eat them fresh from the growing rather than mildly slimy from sitting in the refrigerated section for a mite too long at the local Safeway. Then again, Vitamin Cottage always seems to have fresh sprouts, but then they're an all-organic or 'health conscious' grocery type store with only a frozen meat department, so they have to make it up somehow.

Of course, after my somewhat violent clash of a lunch, I blended up vanilla yogurt, grape juice (the purple kind), roasted pumpkin, and frozen peaches for Jet. It looked horrible. I mean, orange and purple? But he took one sip, said, "YUM!" and toddled away with it and drank it all. I can never tell what it is he'll really like.

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