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All Day Jet


Had Jet all day and all evening because John had dinner with his group. Plus four hours of meetings and I was lucky to escape another two by the simple expediency of going out on an adventure with Jet when they called me to tell me that they suddenly were going to have another two hours.


Jet and I went to Whole Foods and I blew a lot of money on a dinner of salmon, sushi rice, and apple pie. Plus a bowl of fruit and a bunch of frozen cheese blintzes I'll eat another day. Three desserts was a bit much. Can you say, "Wanting to eat to cope with stress."? I knew you could... I only ate half of the nine ounce 'individual serving' apple pie that had nutritional information that said that there were two servings to the package, and left the blintzes in the freezer and the fruit for tomorrow.

I did stock up on Grade B maple syrup, one of the finest substances known to man, blueberry essence, and raw cane sugar, i.e. cane juice that's just dried and packaged from that. So the resulting bill was pretty huge.

My craving for sushi rice ended up with me making onogiri without any filling inside. I just dipped 'em in the fish baco' bits (futomaki?? flaked bonito with sesami seeds, slivers of seaweed, and other flavorings, dozens of varieties in your local Japanese grocer) and ate 'em with seaweed sheets lightly toasted over my gas stove. I just ate the salmon steak straight on the side. That was good.

Jet was cranky during the meetings and I now wonder if some of that is because *I* am cranky when I'm in a meeting. He was great otherwise and napped while I had lunch and dinner. And when we were playing he was just happy as a baby. whew. I'm glad that's over.

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