Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The week...

... has been like the end of the skinny, loop-de-loop water slide at the Longmont Rec Center, where I get spun around a few times and when I finally hit the water I'm underwater, disoriented, and don't know which way is up.

It is incredibly hard to start a week on Tuesday, for both John and I. Usually on Monday, he goes in, gets everything set up with all the people he has to work with and then can have a peaceful day at home on Tuesday getting Stuff DONE.

I, on the other hand, start out with a peaceful day at home on Monday getting everything setup for my meeting HELL of a day on Tuesday.

So, this Tuesday, John had people calling him in a panic while he's also trying to take care of Jet. I, on the other hand, get towed under with meeting hell without being up to date on *ANYTHING* that happened while I was away, and we both were dazed and confused because, as usual, Jet had his worst night in a very long time the night we got back between the time change and sleeping back in the room he sometimes just wakes up screaming simply because he's there. Feh.

It was horrible. It's taken days to get back to the surface.

One co-worker finally pointed me at something that makes me, at least, feel like I'm anal retentive enough to juggle two dozen things and not drop them. Plus, the grocery list is just too cool for words. I've got the 30-day trial and actually feel like I'm on TOP of the thousand and three things I have to do this year. I may well spend the 30 dollars to get both the desktop and Visor versions.

Anyway. Jet's now sleeping, at night, in the livingroom, next to all his toys, the sleeping TV, and his humidifier's been brought downstairs to provide his requisite white noise and comfort level. Last night, he got up ONCE, possibly for the first time, while at home, in months.

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