Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet had a very wide-awake weekend. He had a head cold and some of his two-year-old molars seem to be coming in early. So he spiked at 103 degrees, and it was all downhill from there. For a while at least. John and I are gradually getting more caught up on sleep; but it's been a near thing.

John was Santa yesterday afternoon for our Toys for Tots party at the office. He had one little kid say, "You're the best Santa ever!" and it made him quite happy. He got hugs, and lots of kids who were very happy. Jet was a little shy of him at first, but then settled quite comfortably in his lap. Jet also grabbed handfuls of big candy canes, and instead of eating them all himself, he started handing them out to whatever kid happened to be talking with Santa at the moment. We should have bought him an elf costume, I guess. Hee.

Jet did, however, also indulge in two of the rather large candy canes himself, and was buzzing around the rest of the party. He ran, he danced, he flirted with every girl he could catch the eye of, and he flashed his grin at everyone. Today, people were saying, "Wow... Jet's so *active*!" Yeah, and I had to chase him for the whole time without quite the same benefit of such a huge sugar rush. He's sleeping it off, today, though. Whew.

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