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Here we are...

... it's Christmas Eve.

Jet had something stomach related, and it took us a day or two to figure out how to not feed, and then feed him, and then deal with a very hungry, grumpy little boy at night. Then John proved it was, indeed, infectious, and came down with it on Sunday and was a shivering, unhappy lump all day, but he slept with great determination and in just a day has recovered dramatically.

John was quite well yesterday. He made a batch of oatmeal cookies. I made a batch of chocolate chip with pecans. They went with the molasses spice cookies, and last night I packed up four plates of cookies with clemantines and holiday wrap. Jet helped me be-ribbon everything. His arms are just about the right length for measuring a piece of curling ribbon before tying it onto a package and curling it. He also pulled all the ribbon out of the packages that he could get, after we were done. The cookies went along with nine packs of dark chocolate pecan clusters and two gift cards to work with me this morning. CeLena, my massage therapist, got her plate of cookies before she left for her parents' home. I then ran around work distributing brightly ribboned packs to co-workers and folk that have just been great resources for me during the year.

There were some good problems brought to light, today.

I am, however, so tired, I can't quite think. It's okay for a two-day week, though.

Jet's well, now, though occasionally still queasy. John's the same, and I'm starting to just be queasy from tiredness. But I'll get to sleep tonight, some, at least, and I'll nap tomorrow while the turkey cooks. We're having the Goodells over for dinner, and that should be very low stress and fun. Jet'll probably spend all of tomorrow opening his mountain of presents from all his uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

It was mildly embarrassing to realize, this last weekend, that we, his parents, hadn't bought him anything for Christmas yet, while faced with the enormous pile of wrapped packages he's gotten so far. We ended up just buying him a puzzle, a chair, and some used (consignment) pajamas. We'll probably be clearing his toy bins out tonight and sending them to Goodwill on Thursday, just so he has some room and we can actually manage the amount of mess he can make.

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