Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


The house is surprisingly clean. The house fairies descended on Christmas Eve, took their plate of cookies and their slip of paper, and left the place spotless. Wow.

Jet impressed us with his staying power and actually got through ALL his presents, yesterday, refused to nap all day, and then played all evening with Alex and Haley. He did nurse, however, and while we were swapping sides, he woke up long enough to moan, "Choo! Choo!" as his grandparents on John's side had given him a small, wooden train and he adores it. The kids, tonight, all went into the basement to play with the huge, ride-on electric train. Alex and Haley rode. Jet refused to. Instead, he ran alongside yelling, "CHOO! Chooo!!" or climbed his wooden slide and danced on top of it, yelling, "Choo! Choo!!" as well. Hee.

I think he's doomed to be an engineer.

We had folks over for dinner, and they brought half the feast. We feasted and sat around, afterwards, replete. My little, 12 pound turkey turned out well. The stuffing was yummy. I actually used my KitchenAid to whip the potatoes and folks really enjoyed that. I was glad of that.

You'd think Jet would sleep well after all that, but he was up five times during the night. We're starting to figure out that we have to give him something other than nursing or a bottle as an aid to getting to sleep, and he's now hugging a little, stuffed bear a friend of ours gave him even before he was born. So we're encouraging him to attach to it, somewhat, as it's better than us having to bring a bottle or something else, and it's time for that stage, I think. It makes sense that if he doesn't know how to get back to sleep without anything other than me and nursing or John and a bottle, that he can't do it himself. So we're starting to work on that. Maybe that'll be our New Year Resolution, give Jet other tools for sleeping.

We had lots and lots of phone calls on Christmas, as John's three brothers and family are all in their separate spots. I got to get all my family at one shot in San Diego. That was cool. Kathy outdid herself, this year, with presents for both John and I, lots of stuff we can use and that fit us pretty well. I'm glad of that. I just hope she likes what we gave her.

My gifts to others seem to have been appreciated. Jet's gifts to John and I were the items that he was most fascinated with when we unwrapped them. My Alton Brown Sodium Chloride Containment Unit (i.e. a saltcellar) kept Jet entertained for a good two hours. He also really liked the cookie dough scoop that John got, squeezing the mechanism many times to watch the arm sweep.

John's and my favorite gift of those given to Jet was a book called, "Walter the Farting Dog". Both of us just died when we actually made out the title, and Jet just peered as us with puzzlement. He loved the books Kathy sent him, peering quietly at all the pictures.

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