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38 times!

If I needed any more proof of Jet's ability to stick to any one thing, I got more of it last night. Jet went down the small slide in the kids' pool 38 times in a row. He was up and down that thing while other kids would come by, slide once or twice, and then they'd be off doing other things. He'd just keep going. Though, by the last half a dozen or so, he was bringing other things up with him to experiment with what they'd do when introduced to the slide and the two jets of water at the top. If they didn't do what he wanted them to do, he'd also introduce his body. Hee.

John and I were happy to just watch him and make sure he didn't drown in the 0 to 12 inches of water around the slide. Both John and I checked Jet into the daycare facility there (hey! $2 an HOUR, how cheap is that?), before swimming, and went and did stuff on the various aerobic machines and then, for the first time, tried the weight machines. John's completely sore today. I'm just mildly achy, but in good places like my hamstrings (which never, ever seem to catch up to my quads), upper back, and the parts of my shoulders that never usually unlock unless my massage therapist spends an hour on them. Simply getting those muscles to pump blood seems to have unlocked the worst of them. Mmm... okay, the hot tub helped, too.

Jet's getting really good at not panicking when he falls into the water and finding his feet and getting out of it when he goes underwater. Lots and lots of practice. He's also getting to the point where he can go up the slide stairs without his hands (okay, while carrying his donut float and two, dead water wings he'd found by the side of the pool). Again, practice. For not being two, yet, he's going great guns with his physical dexterity. I'm glad to know that if he did manage to wade out into a foot of water and fall he probably wouldn't drown just from panicking.

Afterwards, we went to a diner, had dinner, and Jet played with his trains on a drawn, paper track, drank half of my root beer, fell off the bench seat of the booth, cried for a while, then perked up enough to eat a quarter cup of garlic croutons, did enough to reassure me that he hadn't broken anything vital in his head, and then went to sleep in my lap. He did wake up during the night, but ended up not getting up until 7! Yay!

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