Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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I don't understand

The next door neighbors, who already have five kids, three of which are completely out of control, today, while we were just talking to him about miscellaneous shit, said, "Yeah... well, I'm in trouble, now. We've had an accident, and my wife's expecting another baby."


I wanted to ask him how the fuck does that happen to a grown man, with clear evidence of what happens when... ARGH.

He's contracting, too, as his last company fell over and died with the bubble, and he has no assurance of making any money three months from now, and I'm just incredulous.

I guess some of it is all the agony we went through before we even thought of having Jet. And they already have five and what more is a sixth to them? I dunno.

It's daunting, I tell you. After all the debate and thought we put into creating a life, a whole new future, to have someone do it by accident just makes me want to hit something.
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