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Jet's sleeping a lot more at night, now. He's not even asking to nurse, just cuddling in and going back to sleep when I come up to rescue him from whatever nightmare or discomfort or loneliness he was having. It's been really interesting seeing how quickly he learns what to expect and how little resentment he has about how things change.

Maybe it's just that the world is always changing for him anyway...

Work's busy. A big review next week. I'm trying to stuff everything in that has to be in the major document before the review. It had surprised me, a few weeks back, when the docs person had pretty much lifted, verbatim, my engineering spec for their user doc, but it was accurate enough, so I thought nothing of it. Engineering eyes. When Marketing saw it, though, they went apeshit, and rewrote the whole thing in userese, which is a good thing. Thing is, though, that the doc person that was on it has gotten a... uhm... job change today, and a more experienced writer is taking over doc'ing my part of the project. I feel a little bad about that, as if there had been something I could have done or said or something to get the other guy on track the 'right way' or something; but while my docs are utterly accurate, they're not things for users to have to worry about, that's what the software is designed to take care of. It's interesting, though, to see it that way.

Jet, this morning, while I was at work and John was on the phone for a meeting, colored both arms, each finger, palm and backs of his hands, his face, and parts of his shirt and coveralls with his (thank goodness, washable) pens. He's a rainbow child. Happy as a clam and won't let us wash any of it off. I wouldn't be surprised if this child gets full body tatoos when he grows up and if he picks the same kinds of colors I won't object. He's all covered in turquoise, fuscias, red, blue, and greens, all vivid and brilliant and bright.

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