Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

An odd coincidence.

When I was pregnant, I wrote Sean Stewart about his book Mockingbird. It was a fun conversation. I also had fun talking with him about some of his other books, about what it's like being up the hour before dawn with ones children, about how one can still have a career while taking care of a child. Stuff like that.

It was only a few months after Jet was born and named that I realized that I'd actually given Jet a name that was the name of a character in one of Stewart's books. My Jet's nothing like the Jet in the book, though he does have black hair, black eyes, and likes watching things until he understands them before, often, disassembling them. The Jet in Resurrection Man didn't take things apart in quite the way my Jet does.

But on Wednesday mornings, Joan takes Jet and Haley to meet up with her girlfriend, Jodie, and her son. Her son is about six months older than Jet. He's a sturdy little guy, happy, cute, brown hair, blue eyed, and outgoing. He and Jet get along great. Jet loves going wherever he leads, and together, they stand off the other kids from the places they like to play.

It also happens that his name is Dante.

Funny how life bends.

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