Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet's swim lesson went pretty well. He reacted to being grabbed by a strange woman and being towed out into the water somewhat predictably, he cried a lot. John and I know that it isn't because of the water, because we've gone swimming with him nearly every week for several months. But it was because it was a strange lady doing the towing out into the water.

Both Haley and Alex were there, though, so Jet got to see what happened to them, too, and got cheering from Alex as well as the three of us crazy adult folks.

Jet got better with each turn he had, until the very last one where he high-fived the instructor with enthusiasm. Joan said that she knew one kid where it took three lessons before they stopped crying every time the instructor gave them a turn. Since Jet's getting ten for the unbelievable price of $20, I think he'll work through it quickly enough.

It's simple stuff. Just being comfortable going out with the instructor and back, holding him quite firmly and supporting him the whole way. Then on ones back, and on ones front, and with a kick board, and then red-light, yellow-light, and green-light kicking from the wall. Jet loved that last exercise. He was smiling by the time we left. So that was a real improvement. I think he'll do better with time. Alex can already swim on his own, which is very impressive, and it'll be cool if Jet gets to that stage in a year or so.

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