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There are moments when I'm so homesick for the Northwest I could just cry.

It's even worse when I think of all the things I miss. Ah well. Especially the rain in this succession of drought years.

John and I are thinking about a plan where in two years we'll move out of Colorado back to the Northwest and I was brave today and talked with my manager about it, and she was very encouraging. We have a lot of remote folks telecommuting from their homes and in two years the goal, really, is to phase out my present job anyway. So we're talking and now thinking about what other projects and jobs we can get to fit so that I can be completely remote, have my own project, and do something still very productive and useful for the company and still have my part-time job, telecommute and maybe, once a quarter, drop into the San Jose offices (which are only a few miles from Santa Cruz, yay! visiting flit), and get a bit of face-to-face time with folks.

It is amazing to realize that it could all change, and the simple act of asking, of talking about the things that may be beyond our control, comes up with such cool solutions.

It helps that my manger also said that she's really, really pleased with the work I am doing and with my communication skills at the moment as we're already remote from each other (with her in SJ and me here). It was also very blush-inducing to have her say that my efforts have proved to be an example for everyone in the development group. Hee.
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