Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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Burnt out. Toast. Crunchy. Crinkly. Mind-numbed.

I'm burnt out. So quickly. After three months completely off from work, and just two intense weeks, I'm now a crispy critter that doesn't even want to look at work anymore. It's just making me grumpy. Well, it's Friday. I may well be entitled.

It's just all the two, three, or four hours of meetings a day plus Boss Bill expecting more stuff out of me, and then having to deal with a Jet who's grumpy because he's not getting the kind of attention he's used to getting, and he's with John, right now and just screaming. John doesn't seem to be able to get him to stop and it's fucking 99.7 degrees outside.

crunch crunch crunch

There are moments when I envy Trip his chitinous existence.

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