Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

John was cool last night, and stayed up with Jet for two hours while I slept. Jet's in a weird sleeping pattern, as after he went back to sleep, around 4, in his car seat, he stayed there until after 8 and it was only the two of us knocking around in the kitchen that got him to finally wake up.

So he's napping late, which was mildly nervewracking while I was trying to get something out for work. But I got it done.

I'm now relaxing a bit, though the wind, outside is just howling and booming and banging against the house.

I badly want to buy something, but I probably shouldn't. There's a bag I really want to get for Dundracon that is actually pretty inexpensive, but I also want one of the swimsuits that they specialize in. Which then comes to a significant amount more. It amuses me that a courier bag that I'll probably use for years and years and years costs significantly less than a swimsuit that will, conceivably, wear out in a year.

Ah well.

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