Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


Last night *I* got Jet for the two hour up time, but Jet also didn't sleep as long in the morning and went to bed later than usual. However, his grandparents put him to sleep!


They did great. So I have good hope that when my parents come they won't have too hard a time getting Jet to sleep at night. I can hope at least. *grin* Jet did get off grandpa's lap for a while to come find me, but when I brought him back and asked him to pick a book, he did so and had a good time sitting back in grandpa's lap and reading the book with him.

Anyway, I think that the gradual accumulation of lack of sleep will get Jet to sleep well again, eventually. It usually happens that way.

Besides, he had two great reasons for sleeping less, John's parents arrived last night, and he was pretty excited. He's really happy today, too, and he'll be having the first of his birthday parties tonight with the Goodells before they go up into the mountains for their vacation. So more excitement. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

At Bob's when he stayed to party until 11:30, he slept like an angel, afterwards, and only got up once at 5:30 to nurse and then go right back to sleep until morning, so that was pretty neat. We'll see if this party will act in some of the same ways. I know that *I* am going to sleep early tonight, in all cases.

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