Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Scary things...

A scary thing is watching a 20 ton garbage truck coming just too fast up our car's tail.

A bit scarier was the fact that we were on a sheet of ice, on a mild downhill slope.

A bit scarier was that we were at the stop sign for an intersection with Colorado state highway 52, where the traffic was going anywhere from 50-70, even on this snowy, cold morning.

What made my heart stop, though was, right after John pumped the brakes to let the truck know that he'd better slow down, seeing the truck immediately fishtailed to the left. The whole back end of the truck covered the whole of the on-coming lane and the lane the truck originally was in.

Luckily, no one turned off 52 onto the road.

Thoughtfully, John executed his exit strategy and nudged the Passat, which was on ice, to the right, onto the shoulder of the highway.

The 20 ton garbage truck barely managed to straighten out in time to stop RIGHT where we had been stopped. It slid right by us, mostly along it's original trajectory. If John hadn't moved us, we would have probably been hit and pushed into the 50-70 mph traffic.

As we carefully pulled out into traffic, going the way we wanted to do, I saw, in our rearview mirror, the truck pulling out, and it was going far, far slower than when we'd originally seen it. It's good to know that some people can learn.

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