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I have this mild tickle at the back of my throat, and I've been fighting it with echinecia, vitamin C, ginko, zinc, and gargling with Listerine. Hee. It's not won, yet, but it's very likely the cold that George came with when they arrived at the house.

It didn't help that Jet had a very restless night last night, and was waking up every hour. Finally, at 1, I just went upstairs and slept with him and all three of us got much better sleep all the way until 6 am. Of course, that's when Jet woke up for good, and I was completely bleary. John let me sleep until 7, and we got Jet to Joan's at 8, and we headed in, but I'm even more convinced that I'm getting a sore throat when I'm traveling tomorrow morning.

John was great and decided not to be a hero and let me drive to the airport myself. He's going to have enough adventures with Jet, already, that he doesn't have to shoulder the extra adventure of the possibly hour-long drive to the airport and back, twice.

So I'll actually travel completely by myself for the first time in two and a half years. It'll be interesting, especially if I get sick, but I'm fighting it tooth and nail and I even took a nap yesterday and I'll probably ride the exercise bike and take a nap today, to get everything revved up and try and rest a little, too. Whee...

But I have a feeling that Jet's definitely picked up on my own tensions, as last night, he'd wake up, start crying, roll over, see me, pat me on the shoulder or whatever, and then go right back to sleep. Just about every hour, too. So he knows something's going on. I just hope that John'll survive it while I actually am gone. Then again, maybe Jet'll sleep on our bed while I'm gone, and save John the trips or something.

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