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Day off

Took today off. After last Thursday and trying to juggle Jet and four hours of meetings, I'd had enough. Yesterday was bad enough, even with John taking Jet for much of the day it was swallowed by four hours of meetings again. When I'm half time that's my entire day and I get nothing done of the things I think I should be doing.

Today is much, much better. I even used my old carpal tunnel splints last night and my wrist is feeling ten times better. Whew. Jet's happier, too. He's actually napping for two hours this morning, which is unprecedented, and he slept from 2-7:30 without eating off me again. He did wake up with a stuffy nose and a dry mouth, but after I unplugged his nose and gave him a drink of water he snuggled in and went right to sleep. So his sleep pattern is improving again. That's very good.

I'm happier, too, not juggling so many things. I'm beginning to see that I might need to use Jet as a barometer of my happiness as well. When I'm unhappy or stressed, he shows it decisively. I wish I hadn't lost the ability to know when I'm unhappy, I don't know where I dropped it, but it's gone. Maybe Jet'll help me find it again by example.

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