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I'm astonishingly unmotivated by work today. My parents arrive tomorrow. John and I leave Friday morning for our cruise. I have a sudden yarn-lust that I might satisfy at the local Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby and probably regret putting all the time and work I'd put into something acrylic, but it'd be easy to wash, and Jet won't mind, either way.

The new acrylics feel so much nicer than the old, plasticy ones that would sweat when one sweated in them. Ughy stuff. I'll have to see what I see.

Kid clothing is so rewarding, as they're just so *fast* to make, especially by knitting and compared to an adult sweater or a truly ambitious afghan or throw or whatever.

Jet and I are going to meet John at the Longmont Rec. Center this afternoon, and I might leave early to do yarn shopping. John and I have been good, lately, and gotten to the Rec. Center and done an hour long workout, between aerobic equipment and weights, two times each week for a while. I've dropped the deep water aerobics as it's just not *enough* anymore, and that's been a really great thing to realize. I'm getting stronger.

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