Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Hobby Lobby was a HUGE hit with Jet. He went from display to display asking, "What's dat? What's dat?!" We took a whole hour to get through the place, and then, when I was presented with the display of Lion Brand Yarns it took me a while to figure out exactly which of the Homespun yarns I wanted to use for a shawl.

Took me a while, and Jet, of course, got bored as a 2x4 and started running around the shop, exploring everything in a gradual circle further and further from me. Every once in a while I'd pick him up, haul him back to the center and he'd gradually work his way out again. I guess things were just as intriguing the third or fourth time as the first.

I finally settled on three skeins of the Corinthian when there were only two skeins of the Modern colorway in stock. I wonder, now if I shouldn't have gotten Prairie or Mardi Gras, or if I may as well go back and spend another fifteen dollars for each of those... an interesting thing is realizing that the tiny, bitty swatches in the on-line descriptions don't really do justice to the actual variations in colors for the skeins themselves. In the sample, the Corinthian actually looks like there's a great deal of gold in it, when in the skein that gold is sometimes replaced with olive. And the Prairie colorway actually has more gold, yellows, and blues interspersed amid the very dusty green. I might just do a shawl in the Prairie colors to remind me of our place here when we do move away.

So it was just a fifteen dollar yarn accident. Which was very nice. Jet didn't break anything, and he got to see a lot of things he normally doesn't get to see. That was pretty cool, in and of itself. And the shawl's been working up really quickly on huge size 10 needles. Yay for fast!

What was even better was that Hobby Lobby had the skeins for just $4.50 instead of the $5.99 that is the suggested retail price. And I wanted something cheap and quick, as a quick fix for my knitting lust. So I'm glad.

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