Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


So my parents and Jet are getting along famously.

Dad even took the night watch last night, and Jet only got up once, and on seeing Dad right there he just turned back to his room and lay down on his mattress and went back to sleep. That really helped my Dad's confidence for the next week.

Given that Jet is on the verge of budding his two-year molars, they'll need all the assurance they can get.

Jet's been happy as a clam with all the extra attention. He's talking with them. He loves it when they read the storybooks their friends sent that are all in Mandarin. They'll read to him in English, but I think he can feel how much more comfortable they are reading Chinese, and he likes the pictures a lot in both cases anyway. He actually fell asleep in Dad's arms while Dad was reading. Pretty cool.

Mom's only vice is worrying herself to death about how little Jet's eating, but then they brought a whole suitcase worth of food, so I think that the sum total of this is that Jet'll get a whole lot more variety in his food, and both Mom and Jet'll learn a bit more about will, food, and how a two-year-old picks and eats its food. *grin* This is a relatively minor 'problem' that has good potential for learning on both sides.

John and I are now 99% packed. Yay! It's only last minute stuff left. Whew. This is a good thing given that we're going to be leaving the house at 6:30 am tomorrow morning. Ugh.

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