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I'll admit it...

I'm impressed.

No stupid fireworks outside of what they've identified as specific targets. No 'Awe and Shock' stupidity in actual action.

Real infantry on the ground moving as necessary. (okay, it is surreal getting the live, real-time coverage that is far more video-game like than I'd ever imagined).

And lots of TALKING by the administration with upper level military folks to try and dismantle the apparatus before the troops get there. I'll admit that real-time footage of hundreds of tanks flying through the countryside with no opposition whatsoever has got to help with the negotiations. A fine way to cut the legs off the opposition before it gets heavy.

This is better than I had hoped. So far.

Though I guess it might lend credence to the whole image of America just crushing a helpless state that didn't have anything dangerous up its sleeve (okay, two hidden tanks, so far, but that's scarcely significant in the face of what's coming at them and what the administration was accusing them of having); and the whole idea of Bush knowing it would be easy and just wanting control of the oil fields.

Or it's just that the rumors are right and Saddam's already dead or so badly injured that he can't get the bad stuff fired off. Though, from what I've heard, it's really his sons that are the danger in that regard. They may all be taken out, too. That would be fine by me. I'd rather be entirely wrong and STILL have the troops be safe. And given that these guys are doing the intelligent thing when the doing needed to be done, I'm glad to learn what they actually are capable of doing.

It's entirely surreal to watch a tank slamming its way across the desert to the sound of the voice of the wife of the tank driver talking about their kids and how she's so proud of him. Cool, but surreal. Especially when we *know* that they're expecting some resistance, sometime.

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