Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sick Weekend

Both John and I were sick for the weekend. So we both just slept as much as possible and traded off watching Jet. He was cheerful, happy, and mildly congested, but that's all. So he got off pretty easy. John seems to be getting off pretty easy, too.

It's moved into the lungs, for me. So sleeping has been very hard. Ah well.

The snow melted all during the very sunny weekend, but there's another small storm rolling through today and tomorrow, and then a bigger one at the end of the week. Our snowpack has mostly caught up to yearly averages, and then some. So there may well be fewer restrictions this year. I can hope we'll get our much smaller lawn in in April. Something just big enough for Jet to play on, with a minimum of water, mowing, and chemical warfare against the local elements.

Watched the Oscars. Realized we, being parents of a two-year-old, haven't seen nearly any of the contenders, not that that's unusual.

Watched some of the on-going data about the war and am very sad that it's getting rougher and sad the conflict is getting more intense. The media coverage is getting more and more inane as well, all kinds of weird second guessing and judgment of strategies and tactics thought up for the last year by people that know their stuff. Ah well. It's just the weirdest variation on armchair quarterbacking I've ever seen.

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