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It's odd realizing...

... that I have five or six different things that are actually stressing me out at the moment and that I've mostly been ignoring them all. Until the night before last, when I found myself completely unable to sleep. So I wrote everything out, in detail, in longhand, for a good hour or two and last night I slept beautifully.

It's funny how processing things that way really helps my brain just deal. Especially with things, like the war, other people's opinion, or what people think that are completely out of my control.

There are a few things left that aren't 'taken care of', like an extremely late deadline at work, that I really have to deal with. It's on the project that was made secondary to my primary project, so there's reasons that my boss understands as to why it's late, but it doesn't change the fact that it's late and that I'm the only one that can bring it up to date. So it is. Job security in an odd sense.

At least I don't have to drive in the snow for a little while. It's a beautiful day out, sunny, bright, warm, and the grass is all sprouting and greening and growing. That's pretty impressive.

Jet's been a completely happy guy while John and I have been struggling with our colds. That's helped immensely. He ate like a champ when my parents left, maybe making up for the days when his digestive tract was out of whack, but he's now going back to his old, pickier ways. He'll still down ramen like a champ, though, and has been eating apples like crazy.

I should probably get the newest version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, as they're offering a good deal for the upgrade and with the amount of writing I'm going to have to do for the newer project, it would be a very useful thing to have, since most of it is just in my head, and I don't have to think too hard about how to shape it.

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