Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bad Momma!!

Jet had kind of an owie weekend. He was just doing a lot of stuff to get hurt this weekend.

He fell off a chair at a restaurant, but, luckily, it was because he was straining to look out a window, so the window, the wall, and the chair itself all helped slow his fall. He did bop his head pretty hard, and he was complaining, mildly, about his right arm for a while afterwards, but they all were still working. Ice cream cleared up the arm problem, so I think it wasn't that bad.

First thing I know, after I gave him a bag of fruit snacks, he's making retching sounds, and I grab him, take him to the sink. I thought he might have swallowed a snack the wrong way, but I'm very grateful to hear him breathing just fine. Thing is he's mad and struggling to cough something up, and *ping* out comes a penny. GAH! Realistically, I couldn't have helped him, at all, if he'd swallowed it further or it had blocked his windpipe or something, and I have no idea where the penny came from.

Another time, he's looking really smug, with something in his mouth, and there's ting ting sounds of his teeth grinding against something hard. He won't spit it out, so I dig it out and, of all things, it's a blinker light from our Christmas lights!! I freak.

We're walking through our third furniture store, while looking for a new bed for Jet, and there's a nice staircase, with pretty shallow stairs and he really wants to walk down them himself, and he's been really good with stairs at home. So I set him down, and he does great down the top part, but for the last four or five stairs, he starts looking at all the things in the store instead of where he's walking, and he trips, lands on his knees and slides down the last few stairs. Gah.

I now walk down all stairs in front of him, again. I was doing that for a very long time, but recently, he's been so confident about stairs and going up and down them that I'd been getting lazy.

Bad Momma.

I'm just glad he survived this weekend and that his bones and joints are rubber.

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