Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Active Boy

Jet's gotten luckier or at least more attentive about things, I guess.

He didn't fall into the pool for his lesson yesterday. In fact, for the first half of the lesson he sat perfectly still on the side of the pool, and for the second half, when he was doing any horseplay it was by leaning away from the water! Yay for great, big homo sapien brains!

He played outside all Monday morning. He swam Monday afternoon. He played at a playground, intensely, yesterday morning. He had his swimming lesson. He then ran laps around the restaurant we had dinner at with Bob, Mei, Bernd, and Cary. He ran and ran and ran and loved looking at the glassed in scorpions in the top of the bar at the restaurant. It's a very informal restaurant, the Panda II, short for Pandaria II, which is connected by ownership to a bakery. Grin. Great Mexican food, cheap prices, and plenty of room and tolerance for Jet running around and bashing things with his purple sound wand.

He slept from 9-7 this morning. Tired boy. He's going to get to go to two playgrounds and have a picnic today. Yow.

I managed, in the midst of all that, to get two balls of Wool-ese yarn for hats and two skeins of Corinthian Homespun for a baby blanket that won't show urp-ups and can be machine washed at any time. It's the perfect colorway for Autumn, which is the name of the baby. It's very autumny to my way of thinking. It's good to knit again.

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