Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Business Day

I kept thinking today was Thursday, as Thursday for John and I is a lot like Friday because on Friday we usually work together at home and it's a lot less high stress than Tuesday through Thursday. I kept thinking today was Thursday because it was so busy.

I had another three hours of meetings today and got another hour of work in in the afternoon, so didn't feel too bad about it. A lot of what I have to do right now is communication stuff, but there's some stuff that's pure speculation and thinking, which is pretty useful on the whole.

Joan's was able to take Jet in this morning, for which I was profoundly grateful. Joan and her family and Ray's family kind of think of Jet as part of their extended family now that she's taken care of him for so long and is watching him grow up as friends with her kids. I'm very glad of the relationship that's developing there, as I'm sure some of Jet's cheerfulness is from their cheerfullness as well and their easy going attitudes. They're good people to learn from.

Jet and I did the usual nursing during a meeting thing in the afternoon, and then played for much of the rest of the afternoon. He went to sleep at 4:30 and I followed soon after when John came home and suggested it. So Jet and I napped until 5:30, at which time I begged for another half an hour of sleep and got it. Whew. It was very useful after the last week or so, eventhough Jet's sleep habits are continuing to get better (he was only up twice last night, and one of them was with a stuffed nose which would have woken anyone up badly), both John and I are still a bit sleep deprived and the debt will be paid.

My parents are arriving tonight. I don't expect to get too much more sleep while they're here, but we can probably at least get John caught up on his. I'm still too weird around my parents to be able to rest all that well when they have Jet to themselves. Still, I'll be happy to sleep in in the mornings, even if it's them watching him and not John.

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