Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I'm just going mildly insane.


Mostly with the whole decision thing coming up about wheither or not I should go to this new job. My boss has asked me to talk to her boss about it. I'm not sure what I would say.

I'm just indecisive, too. I haven't gotten as much input, yet, as I need to weigh a fair decision, yet, and it's driving me mad. Some would say, typical Libra. So it is. I'll just have to get more information, and I have my boss's boss scheduled and the other member of the other team scheduled (whom I know personally, but we've never talked work), and I have the boss of the other team scheduled for next week. So there will be input.

And in the meantime I sleep only six hours a night, my brain is going full-speed on the problems I have right now, so I'm being ultra productive, which is kind of nice.

I should ask for the Meyers-Briggs orientations/preferences of everyone in the new group, as I've been having a bunch of problems with two of my present project co-workers over the fact that they're both extroverts and I'm an introvert and sometimes would prefer to digest things in writing rather than just talking through unthought out ideas. That's slowly driving me mad, too. Though it amuses me that at least two people on my friends list, lately, have been touched by that kind of thing, too.

Thanks to Ambar's mom for the article pointer.

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