Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


The sky is clouding up and there's lightning along the horizon. I hope it rains. It's been in the eighties out here along the plains and it's been warm, warm, warm, and I'm wishing, hoping, praying for rain. Mmmm... rain. Spring showers. The gentle dew. SOMETHING WET!! to keep the dust down.

The fields are green, for the only time of the year they're going to be. Green and beautiful and growing like mad.

My tomato seeds, that I planted just last Thursday have burst from their shells and are growing frantically in the seed starting kit that Jet and I packed together. I poured water and dirt together, he packed each cell, tight, with potting soil, and then he watched as I poked a seed into each cell. I'm doing cherry tomatoes and an early, early version of Early Girl. The growing season here is so short, but Soooooo intense. It'll be cool to see what comes of it all.

My tequin pepper plant of the infamous bright red berries that Jet bit when he was a baby, are now a good eighteen inches tall, branched nicely, and survived my Mom, who thought pepper plants can't grow indoors. Whew.

Spring is bustin' out, and it's cool to see.

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