Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Another admission...


I will say it. I love doing weights. Hee.

John and I have been working on the weight machines twice a week, after doing an aerobic workout for twenty or thirty minutes, and the rhythm of it, the effort of it is just addicting.

It's like when I used to do two hours of physical therapy a night for my knee. There's something about doing the push through the pain and the accomplishment of meeting a goal that's just inexplicably gratifying in a deep sense. Some of it, I know, is meditative. Just working through the reps as a litany, a deep contact with the reality of my body and how it works. It's satisfying.

The Longmont Rec. center has a series of machines for just about every muscle group I never could identify before isolating them and working on each of them to their capacity. I mostly concentrate on the muscle groups that aren't touched by the elliptical or by walking. The rowing machine, however, lit up whole constellations. I was impressed by that.

Of course, after that, we get Jet from the two dollar kid care and we all go swimming. It's funny to *swim* to relax, but very cool, too. The play pool is kept at about 92 F, and it's really relaxing to just go there and float for a while as Jet's sliding, running around, and scaring the lifeguards.

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