Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Compassionate Jet

Poor Jet.

Last night, John and I took Jet down into the rec room and we played Crash Bandicoot 2. It's easier than the first game to touch on different 'games' within the game, and for those who haven't played it, it's rated for Everyone, and it's this cute, physically capable but not too bright bandicoot named Crash trying to get through some pretty amazing obstacle courses. He jumps, spins to crack things, and with the second version can slide, crouch-jump higher than before, and crawl under stuff.

So Jet loves the game and loves playing with the controls, though he can't get Crash to do what he wants him to do, yet. He liked watching John and I go through a number of the courses. He especially liked the one where Crash rides a little polar bear and leaps over most things.

But then I got the controls for one of the ice cavern courses, and as part of the course there's this series where I had to jump a gap, get under the pounding log while it was up, and then avoid some icicles that come crashing down when Crash gets near while he's on an ice slide, so it's really hard to not just slide into the dropping icicles. Not being a cracker jack video person, I failed miserably quite a few times. The really hard part was that after all these failures and seeing Crash get smashed, fall into gaps, and turn into an angel after the icicles get him, Jet started crying.

He was crying just at the presence of the log or the icicles and crying to have poor Crash avoid them. Talk about extra pressure...

I should probably have just turned the game off then. But I was getting better at it, and Jet got better as I got better about not killing Crash off again and again. He started cheering every time we made it through an extra hard barrier, and finally, we ended with another little bear dash, which he loved.

The funny thing is that Jet also reacted with fear when we went through some of the chute courses, with a HUGE BALL rolling after us. But when we were done with those, he always wanted to go back and do it again. Maybe it's like the peppers... hot hot hot!! but he'll eat it again. Or we're just starting a video game addiction REALLY early.

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