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So we're going to Seattle for the next four days mostly to see kathryn's wedding, and, maybe, to see a few other people. It should be a blast, though it's been "Seattle weather" here for the last few weeks. Mmmm... rain. Yay! The grass is *SO* happy.

I have like ten thousand things to do before we have to leave at 5 am tomorrow morning to catch our early flight so we can make the wedding. I also have a list of ten thousand things I'd like to do when I get to the Seattle area. *grin* Sadly, John's Mom and Dad are gone on a trip to the East Coast while we're going to be there, so they're missing on Jet entirely and we won't have a built-in babysitter.

Work's mildly conflicted, because my old boss asked me to stay until my vacation in July to finish up two major projects AND clean up all the last little bits of the last release. The first two I'm glad to do, as they're real challenges, but the last is what seems to be filling my days, and I'm so unmotivated to clean things up. Ah well. so it is.

The Avs played chicken with the Wild, and for the fifth time, let a playoff series go to seven games, and *finally* they got whacked for it. Whew. So I'm now happily cheering for a Wild versus Ducks Western Finals series. Hee. And the Ducks did not fail me. They went into a FIFTH overtime!!! And finally won. Though it looked, in the third overtime, like they'd won it and people were even leaving, when the refs actually disallowed the goal on what looked, to me, like scanty evidence

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