Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Good Things

So the good things that Mom and Dad did included doing all the dishes without being asked, cooking the first few nights and then asking me what we wanted to do for dinner, together, instead of just assuming. They were good about saying things in a more positive light, and I was impressed when Mom said, "You know, if you really wanted your hair to look better, you'd use a blow dryer." Instead of just telling me to use one.

They were great about being with Jet, and admired him greatly, and we had a great deal of fun with Dad's video camera for Jet's first bath and some other stuff. I managed to just tape a sequence of Jet just playing with John the way the two of them usually go at it. Hopefully that'll entertain Kathy a great deal.

Mom did a lot of really awful diapers, and Dad even changed a diaper for Jet first thing in the morning. Dad was really great about just going up and getting Jet when he heard Jet first thing in the morning. So John and I didn't even really have to get up unless I was really full of milk and Jet was really hungry. But, most of the time, Jet woke up wanting to just play, so he had a great time with Dad and Mom.

One of the more magical moments was when we went to Flatiron Crossing, the big, new mall, and left Mom to buy stuff at Lord and Taylor's, and the four of us, John, Dad, Jet and I went to trek all the way across the mall to Foley's for some Origins things I needed. The walk itself was fun, long, and brightly decorated for Jet's interest, he loved peering into the jewelry cases at all the sparkly things. The three of us were content to just go wherever Jet's interests were aimed at and we had a blast just letting him see and touch lots of new stuff, from custom teddy bears to the jewelry cases, to bouncing and smiling at another baby in a stroller, to going all the way around the waterfall they'd built as part of the mall in the rain.

At Origins, two and then three different makeup ladies all made a very great deal of Jet and he cheerfully smiled, flirted and wiggled for them while they all let me alone to do my shopping and find the things I wanted to buy. That was cool. Then we trekked back, changed him and then headed home.

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