Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I hate Windows, and the stupid ESC reaction of erasing everything... but here it goes again...

We survived the 4:30 am waking, and the whole trip to the airport. Jet was fast asleep until we got to the curb-side check in, and he woke up as the car seat was being taken out from under him. He didn't seem to really mind that too much. I was glad of that.

We were well rewarded with our early morning privation by having an on-time flight and an earlier than expected arrival. So we got some time to freshen up at John's parents' house and we got to stop off at Victor's before the wedding for espresso drinks and pounds of beautifully roasted coffee. It was raining. It was that slow, drizzling, lovely, light, misty, turn-ones-face up to the coolness rain. It was wonderful to just stand in the slow dampness and enjoy it. Ahh....

From there we got to the Columbia Winery and the beautiful wedding of kathryn and Erik. It was gorgeous. It was fun. It was also toddler friendly by being fairly short, and Jet cheerfully used John and I as a jungle gym during the entire ceremony. I was impressed by the self-written and entirely audible vows, and very happy to see rmd there as well. It's been a while, and she had a great time seeing us and chasing Jet around happily. Kathryn was just radiant in her gorgeous dress, and everything and everyone was disgustingly happy. *grin* The way all good weddings should be, I think.

Jet had fun during the reception by running around, chasing the other boys, making tracks through all the gardens, and he was utterly flabbergasted when the dinner train went by and he could see a *REAL* choo-choo!! Woohoo! That was good.

The next morning, we headed out to Bellingham, met up with John's brother and his kids and we did a lot of walking around lakes, towns, and places. Jet loved Yuri, a big, teenage cousin he could just worship. He even brushed his teeth because Yuri was, too. *grin* That's quite something, for a kid that fights it every single night. He also wouldn't go to sleep until Yuri did, around 11, so the next morning, we all slept the sleep of the dead. John and Jet got up in time to see everyone off, and then we all went back to sleep again until nearly 11.

The afternoon was a trip around Seattle, getting on the busses (BUS!!) and through the tunnels (big tunnel! big tunnel! BIIIG tunnel! says Jet), and eating dim sum, getting smoked salmon, and walking to the Pike Place Market and back again. Another deep sleep as John and I rediscovered the East Side, the new stuff that's been developed since we've been away. Many things have changed in five years.

Sleep again, enough to finally feel caught up on Tuesday morning, and Taco Time!! *hee* on the way to the airport, and home again, in time to stop at Nick and Willy's and the grocery store on the way home, and while Jet got a bath I cooked the pizza and Jet ate an entire piece of it before falling over tud! But from 2-6, Jet had some troubles sleeping because of the head cold he's had all weekend. The running nose and sneezing have finally stopped to just be one massive mucus discharge at a time. So he's about over it, but both John and I are getting it. Whew. I'm glad that it's after the trip.

So all in all, it was a very busy, but very fun trip. John's Mom and Dad were away to the East Coast while we were in town and while they were disappointed not to see Jet, they were glad to let us use the house. That was very, very nice, as Jet was very comfortable there, and familiar with the layout, the toys, and the amenities. I was very glad of that.

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