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The only problem with getting my eyes dilated is that it takes away my near sight. When the only thing I *have* is my near sight I feel pretty blind. It was pretty funny to walk through an underground parking garage and feel comfortable only to find that the reason I was comfortable was that I had my sunglasses still on.

I had a great time, when I got home, playing with Jet outside. We had fun. Jet pushed around his truck and car, filled the back with gravel and bark, and I just sat and read and wrote and watched him. We then went and Jet swung on his swing for a good half an hour. Repetition is everything, now, it seems.

I also got my massage and I'm still talking about an octave lower than usual from the sheer relaxation. My arm still aches, but not in the same way, and there's a chance, with a bath, that it might even stop doing that for a bit. I will have the weekend away from keyboards and mice, so that should help as well.

Big things planned for the weekend. Mina's is opening up again, a lady that does Oaxacan home cooking in the neighborhood has expanded her restaurant, took her four months to get it up and going again, when initial estimates were for a couple of weeks!!! Then on Sunday is a co-worker from back in Redmond days' birthday party. Should be a hoot. We also want to mow the forest that is now our lawn, get some weed killer down to give the baby grasses a chance at some earth and sun, and extra water for the tykes should be a good thing, too. The tomato plants are big enough to transplant to bigger pots and toughen up in the sun and the wind. And, finally, I've finished a baby blanket for Autumn that is very, very autumny in colors. Jet approves of the blanket, and tries to steal it every time he wants to cuddle up to something warm. Hee.

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