Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Tired, but happy

It turned out to be a really, really busy weekend, but a good one, all in all. On Saturday we managed to mow the front acre with the drive-on mower that had to be mildly rehabilitated for the new season. It's the first time in a few years that I've actually managed to get on the mower to do the deed, and it was great. For all that my allergies killed me afterwards, it was really fun to just zoom around and get all the tall, green grasses felled.

We also visited a couple with an eight week old baby, dropped of an autumnal blanket for Autumn along with some jars of baby food and a minimal swing. She has a very fancy electronic one that makes her throw up every time they put her in it, so they asked for a simpler one, which we were quite willing to hand over. It was fascinating to talk with them and have the number one topic for the whole conversation being sleep and the lack thereof there is to having a newborn. *grin*

We also went to Pearl Street Mall, got shoes for John, a falafel sandwich for me (I've been craving falafel), and Jet got to play in a little kids' park just off the main mall for a good hour as a nice break before dropping off recycling, and stocking up at the local Safeway. It was amazing to have a 'real life' again...

Then we spent WAY too much time a Mina's opening of the Parasio Azteca. She had a little hole-in-the wall place with five tables, and was opening a bigger place with a good twenty tables, and today was the Grand Opening. They used to be pretty slow in service but perfect with the food. And we expected opening night glitches, but it took us TWO HOURS to get our food. Jet was running laps around the block the restaurant was on, and terrorizing a very nice lady with a knick knack store connected to the restaurant by the time we were done. Luckily, he wasn't like the other kids in the booths nearby who were all having melt-downs from hunger. We actually gave him snacks while we waited, just because we were pretty sure it would be a while. When the food finally came, Jet vacuumed up a double dose of Spanish rice, nibbled a taco, and then started running around in earnest. We ate pretty quickly, and it was great food, but the wait was far, far, far too long for us. We'll have to go back when the excitement has died down.

Yesterday brought me a lovely corned beef hash fix at the local Coffee Urn. They have the best corned beef hash, savory and crisp on the outside, creamy inside, and they do the medium over eggs exactly right, with the whites completely cooked and the yolks runny but creamy. Mmm... then church, then a long nap for Jet and I, and then off to the huge birthday party for Dan. His wife, Bonnie, has been working on the party with John for the last month. And it was great. They pulled the surprise off, including having Dan's parents in the area since Thursday and he never knew. *grin* That was very, very cool. Bonnie got Dan a gift to climb Mt. Rainier, that should be quite the challenge and blast for him, and we bought him an REI gift certificate to get equipment with.

Jet got to swim with John in their new pool (poured Friday). Jet ate cake, potato chips, drank grape pop, and had very little else. He had a blast playing with their cat. The two of them stalked each other, and pounced on each other. I think the cat knew it was dealing with a little human, as it only pounced with all its claws in, and rubbed up against Jet quite happily when he was sitting and watching something else. They liked each other a lot. That was cool. Jet was so tired, coming home, but singing about monkeys jumping on the bed and playing Little Piggies kept him awake enough to get home before collapsing. Whew.

I also found out that writing in my paper journal with a pen makes my hand and arm unhappy as well. So I'd *better* get my dictation software back on board.

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