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Ah well...

After spending the last couple of weeks planning on all the yard work we'd do this weekend it snowed eight inches out here last night. Yeah. Eight very wet inches.

Jet loved it, went out in it with John and came back in soaked as it's now in the mid 40's and should be back to the 70's in a couple of days. He was stirring slush puddles by hand, and didn't think it was that cold. *grin* Takes after his Dad, that way.

So Jet had diarrhea for a day and was really tired and laggy yesterday, but today he seems just fine. Ready to just go go go...

Some of the trees are broken, since they'd put out blossoms and leaves, but it's melting now. So there's a bit MORE yard work for the days when we finally can do it. Nice thing is that the snow should be very good for the grass seedlings that did make it up a few weeks ago.

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