Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The snow on Saturday made doing anything in the garden moot. Instead, we decided to do a little exploring. A friend of ours at work had recommended a Mexican grocery store somewhere north of Denver, as a place to find good Mexican chocolate. We found the address in the phone book, and decided to head that way. On the way there, the freeway was littered with crashed cars. We found out, yesterday, that there were 14 reported accidents on I-25 right at our exit. They said that no one expected stops, which caused the accident. We were warned, so we wove slowly around wrecks, and made it quite safely to our destination.

It turned out that the Mexican grocery store was right next to the one good Asian grocery store in Westminster. It's the place that we went to right next to the pho restaurant that we really enjoy. Jet had a nap on the way down, and stayed asleep while both John and I checked out the grocery store. I managed to find La Popular, a Mexican chocolate that Rick Bayless said wasn't quite as sweet as the Ibarra and Abeulta chocolates, but wasn't the Oaxacan chocolate that I had been originally looking for. I still bought two bars, however, because it was less than three dollars per bar, and that was well worth the trip.

Jet woke up just as John returned to the car, so we went to the pho restaurant. Jet had a great lunch, as did we.

Mother's Day was much warmer, though there was melting snow everywhere. We went to church, and Jet even gave me a live plant in a pot. We spent most of the afternoon pruning off broken branches from the trees, and planting tomato plants into bigger pots. We had dinner at La Panda II, because it was a place that I didn't have to worry about Jet running around, I didn't have to worry about what to wear, and the food was wonderful. John gave me a wonderful card, with a picture of Jet in nothing but shorts and a hat. The hat was one of the ones I had made for the troops, Jet had found the entire pile of hats and liked wearing them. They were made for full-grown adults, but they fit Jet's head just fine. The smile he had when I discovered him with the hats was the one I managed to capture in the picture. It made for a wonderful card.

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