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I am both frustrated and depressed at the moment. With work, entirely, and the whole stupid tying of my self-worth with my work. It's all driving me mildly crazy.

Of course, this is when Jet sleeps the whole night both Monday night and Saturday night. Yay! He's also only waking up once a night the other nights and goes back to sleep within minutes. None of this staying up and demanding milk or whatever else. And I am having problems sleeping because of too many things in my head.

I should just empty my head before lying down or something, but my hands ache a lot more after writing with a pen than even with a keyboard. So I'm going to try the water aerobics again, tonight. All last year, while I was doing the water aerobics I didn't have any severe hand or arm problems. I was also doing less mouse work, more Angband and less Solitaire, massage every two weeks, and other things as well, so it may not be the only cause. Still, I'm going to try going back to the deep water aerobics for a while, and see if that's something that makes a major difference. I need to do something to break the cycle.

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