Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Little Better

Well, emotionally, at least. Talked with my boss about my frustrations, got enough courage to do that, and it helped some.

It also helped that on Wednesday I went and did water aerobics for 45 minutes, trashed myself, and last night did elliptical and weights until it was time to get Jet. He was playing outside, which was cool.

The last two times we went to the Rec. Center, at exactly half an hour after we leave him in daycare, he had a bowel movement, and we got called on the loudspeakers to report to the ChildCare room, as they don't do diapers. The first time I could think it was just chance. The second time, Jet looks up when we get there, smiles at us and announces, "I'm poopy!" When we ask, "You want a change?" he smiles angelically and runs for the door. This is the child that fights and screams when I try to change him when he's in the midst of playing with his trucks on the floor.

I guess getting to play outside was good enough that he didn't have to resort to those baser tactics yet again.

Also, when walking up to the check-in, John told Jet, "Ask her for what you want." And Jet pipes up, "I want a handstamp, please!" No echo there. He knew what he wanted and asked for it with a real sentence. At 2, that's not too shabby.

Doing three intense workouts during the week has made everything sore, not just my arm, so I slept badly pretty much every night, but last night I was so tired it almost didn't matter any more, and I did okay. Of course, that's when he got up three times during the night. I guess Jet was sore, too.

Emotionally, I'm better off now than I was earlier this week. Lots of Chocolate, thrashing exercise, and actually getting some work done today and yesterday really helped.

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