Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I have coffee this morning.

It's decaf, but it's coffee, after most of a pregnancy and nursing time without it, it's quite the treat to have it. So I rather cherished making it this morning. I've had a "three cup" Bodum coffee press for years and years and only last week gotten myself a replacement filter for it. It's actually only 12 ounces and how anyone gets three cups out of that, I have no clue. But I cheerfully boiled water in my electric kettle; used my burr grinders to grind four tablespoons of Victor's dark roasted Columbian decaf coffee into a nice, fine grind; dumped it into the glass beaker; poured the boiling water on top; mixed it with a chop stick to get it good and mixed; let it sit for exactly 3 minutes; and then pressed it and poured it into my insulated mug.

Of course, that's when Jet started crying because he was hungry and I can't drink scalding hot liquids over him. Ah well. It was really good when I was done with him, though, as the insulated mug really kept it good and warm and I didn't burn my mouth. So that was all good. And it really tastes wonderful.
Tags: coffee, jet

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