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I'm far less frustrated than I used to be. Some of it is just expectations changing. Some of it is just getting more exercise. I think that we all sleep better with the frequent workouts. Some of it is just getting to sit down and talk with Bob for a while, my co-worker, who's a decade older than I am, who went though the Vietnam war, and who is an excellent software engineer who loves my writing really helped out, too.

Just talking about what's frustrating, scary, and such and getting support and a clear look at it is very, very useful. I needed that.

Jet's talking a lot more now. This morning, when John went up at 5:15 to tell him that it's far to early to get up, they lay back down on Jet's bed and I could hear Jet having a conversation with himself. Just phrases, sentences that he strung together for himself that didn't make any sense to me, but made him giggle. He then lay, quietly watching John, while John went to sleep for about the next fifteen minutes. John would peek at him now and then and just see him with his eyes wide open, but Jet was completely quiet. John finally fell asleep, and when he woke up again, Jet was peacefully asleep, in exactly the same position.

My arm aches horribly at night. So the water aerobics aren't really working as a 'cure'. I finally have to admit that I really need to get back on a regular schedule with CeLena and my massages. It's an odd thing to know that I am so reluctant about taking care of myself. I need to work on that as well as on taking proper care of myself.

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