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Finding Nemo

Both John and I were feeling exceptionally brave on Saturday, so we took Jet to see "Finding Nemo" in spite of Jet not napping until late because the three of us had been working in the yard. I'd been digging up a plot for my tomatoes and my chives, John had been mowing, and Jet had gone to visit with the neighbors. Of course Ben and Sam decided Jet's sandbox was more interesting then their own, and there was much lifting of kids up and over the fence that separates the two places.

Jet, of course, went his own way, and I found him, at one point, suspended from one of the wire twists in the fence by his shirt. He'd caught his shirt, and not really knowing what to do about it, he just kept coming down. So he hung there and never asked for help. I saw him just because I went looking for him because I hadn't seen him for a while, and just as I got to him, he kicked the fence, hard, and managed to rip his shirt free. Independent cuss. He smiled at me when he saw me, and he was quite safe and sound and over the fence.

Anyway, the morning's activities wound him up enough that he didn't want to nap, but we finally got him to and then we loaded his sleeping self into the car and headed for the theater. He woke up, surprisingly, right when we got there, and we actually got tickets for the next show. I think it was because they were showing it every forty-five minutes and it was still somewhat early. So we got right in, found some seats after asking a family to just move, one way or another, and they were kind enough to do so.

We all sat down and John ran off to get popcorn and go to the bathroom. Of course, Jet decides, two minutes later, that he has to get down and follow, and starts screaming and crying when I won't let him. Oh boy, here we go, thinks I. But John came with popcorn and pop, and as soon as he settled, the advertisements started up. As soon as the screen started to move, Jet got up from where he was having his tantrum, and stared at the screen.

He sat in my lap the whole movie. He didn't cry at anything, though he did snuggle in at the scariest parts and hug my arm. He drank pop, ate popcorn, and would, occasionally hop off my lap to lean against the seat back in front of him. It was stadium seating, so I don't think he bothered the person in the seat too much. And, at the end, he turned to me and asked, "Again? Again?" before running off with John to walk around the theater and see what the whole structure was like.


So it was quite a successful movie going. Yay!

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