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Feeling mildly upset in the stomach today, mostly because today's the day when we announce that I'm transfering to the other side of the company. Since we got the req. for this side, we're able to move ahead with the whole thing, and it's good.

It's actually great timing, all in all, the old release is getting put to bed, the new one is about to be defined. The old engine, which I know so intimately and well, is about to be put to rest, and a new system is being defined, so whomever comes aboard has a chance to be a part of that definition and to understand it from the ground up.

I know these things logically. It still doesn't help with all the emotional butterflies in my stomach. Maybe I should go get some ramen to settle the stomach...

Amusingly enough, the stretching exercise software keeps coming up with the "Stressed Out" sequence, randomly. Hee.

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