Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mildly Spooky

There's a bird on the railing on our front porch. It's just huddled there, eyes tightly closed, but upright on the railing. It's obviously sick or injured or something. It was at an angle to the railing, tail stuck out for balance, when I first saw it this morning and when I got home from work for lunch. It has changed so that it's now sitting in line with the railings, but its eyes are just as tightly shut. So I know it's alive.

John said that it was sleeping this morning, and I agreed, as it seemed to be. I'm not all that sure what else to do about it. Maybe just give it peace enough to heal? get better? or die quietly? I dunno.

Anyway, neither of our neighbors have cats anymore, the coyotes took care of them. So I think it's safe enough for now, but the sight of it is mildly haunting.

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