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A fun weekend.

Saturday we went to the Boulder's farmer's market and came out with gorgeous, local, hot house tomatoes, a bag full of nasturtium blossoms, a quarter of a pint of local strawberries, part of a smoothie, a big seed covered loaf of whole grain bread, and a very happy boy.

The reason for the quarter of a pint of strawberries was that I actually bought a whole pint and the lady dumped them into a bag. John went off to get the smoothie, and Jet and I sat on a bunch of stairs with his trucks. He really needed a little time to just sit and play with his trucks and he'd been sitting in the middle of the market, heedless of oncoming foot traffic, so I'd dragged him off to the side. I snacked on a strawberry or two, and when Jet saw what I was doing, he delved into the bag, too.

They were local strawberries, tiny, honey sweet, intensely flavored, and so delicate that a number of them had bruised just from being dumped into the bag. Not traveling berries.

Jet loved 'em. He ate and ate and ate them, sometimes just eating the whole thing leaves and all. Strawberry leaves are pretty harmless, they can be a mild laxative, but are otherwise just fine. He just kept going into the bag, getting the biggest berry he could find, and then would sit back and bite it and go, "Yummmm..." Hee.

Father's Day was fun. Just going out to eat, church, and then a little backyard grilling in the evening. In the afternoon, Jet and John went out to wash the Eurovan. John went up the ladder to wash the roof, and Jet followed him up. Oops, and he would NOT GO DOWN until John had gotten down and Jet was able to get to the very top, pull the sponge out of the bucket and wash the side of the van, very carefully. When he'd finished doing that, he was willing to come back down and from that point on he left John to the ladder, completely. Didn't try it again. He just wanted to do what he wanted to do.

The rest of the time he was wearing nothing but his sandals, and was happy to wash his toy cars in the bucket and hose and play with them. It was 90+ outside, so no worries about getting too cold, and he had a grand time. He even had a bath, afterward, and enjoyed it. It's been a good month since he's had a bath because he's had a shower after every time we've taken him to the pool. So he was a bit leery until the water started running, and then he was in there in a shot.

Sadly, no pictures, but I figure there will be plenty of other times to get blackmail photos like that, with how hot summers here can be.

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