Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


From bryant:

1. If you could guarantee that Jet would be happy and successful at a specific career, and you could choose the career, would you? What would it be?

I probably wouldn't choose other than, "What Jet really wants to do." I've been trying really hard to be completely open to whatever he chooses. And it would really feel odd to chose for him something that's so... central to his life. I mean, my job really has defined a lot of who and what I am...

2. What currently living person (who you don't know personally) makes the biggest difference in your life?

Who I don't know personally? Hm. Great question. For the biggest negative impact, the guy that decided that typewriter keyboards would work well on a computer.

For positive I would say Carver Mead, but I've met him, even took a class from him.

For someone I haven't met... I would almost say all the SF and fantasy authors I read as a kid. Adventure stories, too. The basic morality of those people as depicted in the books really hit me as something DIFFERENT when I was reading them, and something I was more comfortable emulating than anything I saw as a kid. Diane Duane, if I had to pick one. Her Door books and her Wizard books made a huge impact in how I thought about my daily life, even if I couldn't go off saving the world, there were small voices, choices that I could make, about entropy, about cost. There was also something specific I learned from her books about consequences that seems to have carried forward. And then I learned a bit from her life as well, as her production when down with some drinking problems when in Ireland. It's an interesting process.

3. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

On the Oregon coast. Preferably in a house between sea and forest with a pretty-good and open school system nearby. It doesn't have to be world class. It just has to be able to allow Jet to learn rather than be bored or stuffing him into some category.

It's odd. With John and Jet, I'd rather live in the wide-open spaces, without too many people to bother me. I am pretty sure, though, that after Jet leaves the nest, and if averages fall and John dies before me, I'd move into a tiny condo in the middle of a big city where I could walk to anything, and be around other friends and people that I could talk with and play with and write with.

4. What's perfect just as it is, cause hypothetical questions get boring?

My green jade gaiwan. It's perfect. It's carved from jade, so it's tough, insulates beautifully, and is beautiful. It's carved thinly enough that light goes right through it and emerges green as a blade of grass on the other side. It's got the requisite three pieces, with one to insulate my hand, one to hold the tea, and a cover to keep the heat in and keep the tea at great drinking temperature. The lid is also great for keeping tea leaves out of my mouth, and it's the perfect size, just four ounces, for a good pick-me-up that won't keep me awake until midnight.

5. Whirlwind's biggest crush?

It might have been on Black Ice, one of the Seven Booted League's folks, as she learned a lot from him. She probably had a student on teacher crush on him and could never say. I think some of it was because it was the strong, silent type that didn't answer many questions about himself. Plus he used to be a good guy, and there probably was some of that in his daily attitudes.

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