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I dunno how many of the non-parental types that read this have seen Monsters Inc., but you know how Boo gallops everywhere? Well, that's Jet, right now. He gallops EVERYWHERE with that same, intense enthusiasm and bright expectation of what wonders he's going to run right into. This morning, while I was watering and re-caging the tomato plants, I hear this thump-thump thump-thump and sure enough John's let Jet out with his sneakers on and he's running over to find me and the sand box.

Yesterday Jet had a very active day. At home, with John, he was out with the Eurovan while John was fixing a traveling box on top, and he climbed right in and turned on the hazard lights. He climbed out again, went to the back of the van and found the lights flashing. So Jet started dancing to the timing of the lights! For a good twenty minutes. *grin* John joined him for a while. Then Jet climbed back in, pushed the button to turn them off, and when he came out again, he got mad at John because the lights were off!! He then climbed back in, turned them on again, and when he came out and found them on, he pushed John ten feet away from the van yelling, "Go Away! Go Away! Go Away!" just as he does when he gets a video on the way he likes it and wants us to go away and not mess with it.


He also got John to give him a ride in the wheelbarrow, and after a while, he started yelling, "To the sandbox! Sandbox! Sandbox!" So he got to go to the sandbox. After he was done playing there, he climbed back into the wheelbarrow for the ride back to the house.

In the morning, when I dropped Jet off at Dante's (Dante's mom's taking all the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the summer), he immediately climbed up onto a powder pink formal livingroom chair and started jumping up and down on it. Dante, who is also two, immediately climbed up behind him and, predictibly, the two kids' heads went "THUNK thunk" "OWIE!!" "Huuuurts..." Of course, the two of them had to do it again, and on the third time, both Dante's mom and I said, "No. Don't do that..." Of course, the two two-year-olds protested vehemently.

When I was home and sitting on the floor in front of the couch, Jet piled a few cushions in front of me, and then climbed up on the couch, behind me, and he flung himself at my head! He wanted to go over me, and I kept catching him as he went over to make sure he didn't fall onto his toys or the rocking chair. But that made him pretty mad at me, and he kept telling me, "My turn! My turn!" I guess it was his turn to do it himself, but I just couldn't bring myself to just let him fall any which way. Ah well. When I finally just got up and said that I didn't want him jumping on my head anymore, he chased me around the house, running full out, for about fifteen minutes.

Then, in the basement, while we were playing Crash Bandicoot, he decided it was fun to climb up on the coffee table, with his smoothie, and leap into my lap and arms. Eventually he was flinging the smoothie cup at me (covered thank goodness) and THEN leap for me. I did this half a dozen times before trying to convince him that it just wasn't something I wanted to do anymore.

Life with a very active two-year-old can be very tiring.

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