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Journey to the West

So we've survived the first 1200 miles to the west and it wasn't all that bad! Jet learned to sleep for the first trip out in the car, and we did a good job learning from him about the importance of play stops, "Happy Donalds" (Jet's phrasing, which frightened us to being with) play areas, and the fattening affects of Happy Donald's foods while at those play areas. Though Jet did get to eat an ice cream cone, possibly for the second time, and he liked that very much.

It was deserts and small towns where the water was, and then the glitter of Reno. We camped out in a rest area while neighboring cars lit fireworks. Jet slept through them, though he did wake up in the middle of the night and decide he had to sleep with us, which was okay, as it got really cold at 6000+ feet....

The guest accomidations here near Watsonville are wonderful. We got to see flit yesterday, along with her other half and her Moose! Jet thought the huge dog was fun to comb. We got to see marith, space_parasite, and tamago and her SO for dinner last night. That was a lot of fun to just be able to see folks again. Tonight we'll get to see eyelessgame and silkiemom. Yay!

So we've done pretty well so far. It's crazy to think of a whole month, though...

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