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Jet loved the visit with silkiemom and eyelessgame and their kids. The toys were marvelous, and he really enjoyed having good toddler time with Josh. They're exactly the same size! How very cool. We really enjoyed their hospitality and Jet needed the play break badly after two nights with adult friends of John's and mine.

He got another good time at John's brother's house in Ashland as they have a five-year-old that Jet did his best to keep up with. Marina was fun. There were pools, Science museums, parks, and lots of long walks in the Ashland hills. Beautiful country out there.

We then got out to the Oregon coast, with gorgeous, flat, fine sand beaches and lots and lots of camp sites as the entire coast has been reserved as state park space. So it's all been kept for public use. I really loved that. We actually camped out for two nights, Jet slept up in the top level of the Eurovan and actually slept ALL NIGHT for both nights. He got in lots of beach time, waves that weren't quite as powerful as in Santa Cruz, and lots of good water play time.

Then we booked it to Seattle. A nap and two repeats of Toy Story 2, and we are now at John's parents' house, and doing quite well. We actually had an adventure, today, and took the bus into downtown and the Pike Place market and got dinner stuff for tonight. Also had a mild dim sum accident for lunch, and we didn't provision right for Jet so he was a cranky, grumpy guy for everything but the bus rides. But a hot dog, a Dreyer's all-fruit on a stick, and peanut butter cookie later he was a happy guy again. He's also sleeping all night here, too. So maybe it's just all the newness? Or something, but it's good.

What's best is that John's parents have volunteered for all night and early morning duties, so both John and I have been having full nights of sleep and being able to sleep in. This is very good, indeed.

We're here! We have to look for a few people here, too, and call them up and meet with them here sometime, too.

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